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Since the inception of OM in 2003, people from around the world have reported a wide range of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health benefits, including increased energy and focus, greater capacity to feel and be present with others, deeper enjoyment of relationships, and healing from early childhood sexual trauma and abuse. The Foundation seeks to further understand these claims and the extent to which these benefits could be reliably delivered to people everywhere and we need your help.

Your donation will go directly to funding new research on the benefits of Orgasmic Meditation for people seeking for a deeper quality of intimacy and connection in their lives, working with top research institutions and medical colleges.

Important note on your donation: The Institute of OM Foundation is in the process of submitting our application for tax-exempt status. However, do not fear. Your donation is safe. The Foundation is eligible for donations through the entirety of the process. We will send you an end of the year tax receipt when we have received final confirmation.

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