We are the premier non-profit research center focusing on peak state consciousness arising from the practice of OM. We offer cutting edge research in the field of the implementation of OM as a protocol for healing trauma along with practices and trainings for medical practitioners.

After one OM people show increased cognitive function post OM and increased executive functioning which instills better decision making, increased attention toward tasks and self-regulation skills.


Studies have documented findings with reductions in depression or anxiety symptoms, and have explored their use for emotional trauma as well.
50-60 brain connection patterns changed permanently in people who OM regularly compared to those who have never practiced OM. Long-term effects of the OM practice show that it might permanently alter brain physiology that is associated with emotional processes. A long-term practice of OM may be useful in supporting brain patterns of activity that help regulate emotions and improve symptoms of trauma. Long-term practice of OM might be protective for future psychological disorders by engendering a pattern of brain metabolism that is less likely to be affected by emotional traumas in the future.
Females showed significant “at one” like patterns in the brain and males showed significant “flow state” like patterns in the brain when OMing.
brain shots


Neuroimaging study of OM shows brain patterns similar to a spiritual experience.


OM shows similar MEQ results to a therapeutic dose of psilocybin which is the number one factor as to if psychedelics effect depression.