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Research: #6: OM Benefits from OM Practitioner Journals

#6: OM Benefits from OM Practitioner Journals

Publication in progress
This study looked at self-reported, written journals of OM from 50 practitioners. Of the 1,506 journal entries, 954 which were from ‘strokees’ and 522 from ‘strokers’ and the goal of this study was to investigate the technique of OM, the changes people report and the experiences people were having. This study was aimed at further understanding the potential physical and psychological benefits of Orgasmic Meditation.

The results were separate by roles played: stroker and strokee. Four themes emerged for both groups. The experiences reported in the journal study were unique to the roles played, there was no overlap of shared outcomes between the two cohorts.

The Stroker cohort reported:

  • Connected with Partner
  • Took Control of the Process
  • Consciousness
  • Post OM to feel: calm, relaxed and lighter
  • Struggled with the OM process

The Strokee cohort reported:

  • Opened Oneself to the Sensation
  • Sense of oneness with the universe, themselves, and partner
  • A Sense of Security
  • Felt Freed

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