“As a physician, I see many patients and therefore I get to see the bigger picture of the ill effects of chronic stress, sedentary habits, addictions, isolation, poverty, poor diets and the common belief that somehow every individual person seems to think they are doing it all wrong and to themselves. They can’t find their way out of this dilemma because they are unplugged. Unplugged from the source of power and love that will fuel them to the source. With Orgasmic Meditation I learn to put my attention on the point of most sensation and connection. This makes meditation a pleasure. Quite simply it feels really good!

What are the health benefits of Orgasmic Meditation? It’s the same as asking what are the health benefits of so many lifestyle behaviors. Ask me what are the health benefits of community and connection and intimacy and love and honesty and being connected to your body and relaxation and hormone balancing and sleep.

-Dr. Teresa Diaz, OBGYN

Dr. Michelle Veneziano

Dr. Michelle Veneziano​, Osteopath

“As a family practice physician who for nearly two years has been evaluating people who practice Orgasmic Meditation (OM), I’ve observed that that health benefits of OM singularly exceed those of any other mindfulness, stress reduction and trauma resolution interventions that I am aware of.

Like other mindfulness practices, OM lowers the stress response (Fight or Flight or Sympathetic state). OM actually trains the nervous system to “default” in the opposite state – the Restorative or Parasympathetic or state. However, unlike other mindfulness practices that can take years to achieve the Restorative state, OM, by virtue of its focus on the erogenous zone of the body, achieves this shift much more quickly. As neuroscientific studies have shown, through OM untrained individuals can achieve in minutes the advanced alpha-theta brainwave state associated with deep healing that ordinarily requires years of practice by advanced practitioners.

Patients who practice OM regularly – even as infrequently as twice a week – show a predictable rise in oxytocin, the hormone of connection, which is essential for optimal health and happiness. They also report reduction of chronic fatigues states, depression and other mood disorders, sleep disorders and immune disorders. OM is perhaps the most effective and affordable means of restoring health available!”

Dr. Marija Petrovic​

Dr. Marija Petrovic, Psychiatrist

“OM should be the prescription for depression, anxiety or any trauma-related disorder, as it helps to find ease and calm in mind and body, yet it keeps you connected, helps develop communication and gets you in touch with your inner self. It does more than a medication would be able to do.”