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Unveiling the Science

behind Orgasmic Meditation

Join us for a free virtual event, exploring five years of research
into the benefits of Orgasmic Meditation for health, connection, and mystical experience. 

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First Partnered Sexuality Study since Masters & Johnson

Entering the Flow State through Orgasmic Meditation

Accessing States of “Oneness” through Orgasmic Meditation

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Dr. Vivian Siegel 
Lecturer, Scientific Communications
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

[  5 Years of Research Shows Marked Benefits for Emotional Health and Spiritual Experience   ]

8 studies have been published on Orgasmic Meditation since 2018, including the first partnered sexuality studies since Masters and Johnson. Study results show notable impacts on emotional health, the brain, trauma, interpersonal closeness, and access to mystical states.

[   What Is Orgasmic Meditation   ]

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is the premier practice for accessing a mystical state that has been shown to promote human flourishing and greater resilience. OM is a 15 minute practice performed in a consistent way where one parter strokes the clitoris of another parter for 15 minutes.

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The Institute of OM Foundation (IOMF) is a non-profit research center focusing on peak state consciousness arising from the practice of OM as it pertains to improvements in the areas of trauma, depression, general health and the advancement of eudaimonia. Learn more.