on OM

  1. Increase in fulfillment and joy
  2. Improved feelings of connection
  3. Decreases in anger and anxiety
  4. Creates positive changes in the brain 
  5. Produces mystical experiencs
  6. Brain activity similar to “flow state” and “at onenesss”    

The Mission

We are the premier non-profit research center focusing on peak state consciousness arising from the practice of OM as it pertains to improvements in the areas of trauma, depression, general health and the advancement of eudaimonia.

The Science
of OM

Practitioners of OM have long known the health benefits; scientists and researchers are taking note. The Institute of OM Foundation seeks to further scientific research focused on the practice of OM and its impact on the brain, the body and the spirit.

The Science of OM

Researchers Remarks
on OM

Future studies will focus on the impact of OM on reducing signs of aging including mental agility, alertness, and focus.

The day after OM, people may experience reduced cravings.

In only 15 minutes, OM may provide improved connection and closeness.

Brain activity in OM practitioners is more similar to meditation than sex.

OM may allow practictioners to access brain and meditation states attained by advanced Tibetan Buddhists.

Current research suggests OM may improve eudaimonic well-being.

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