The Transformative Power of Orgasmic Meditation

Unraveling cultural complexities around sex, science, and the potential for healing through intimate connection Meditation, in its abundant forms and traditions, has held varieties of meanings across cultures, traditions, and history for millennia, and it is the practice and very conceptualization of meditation that can be traced as perhaps one of the most continually evolutionary […]

Eudaimonia Assessment

Self Confidence In general, I feel confident and positive about myself. I made some mistakes in the past, but I feel that all in all everything has worked out for the best. Many days I wake up feeling discouraged about how I have lived my life. My relationships are as satisfying as I would want […]

Call: Volitional Feminine Power

The Incredible Power of Call  Call is feminine, sexual power that emanates from the body. “I govern the Athenians; my wife governs me.” —Themistocles (Archon of Athens from 493 to 471 BCE) To the extent that the human species has become the dominant life form, and to the degree that the male desire for sexual […]

Distinction between the OM meditative practice from Sex

Introduction In this paper, I’ll mainly be talking about a practice called Orgasmic Meditation (OM). This is a mindful consciousness practice that has shown striking changes in the lives of its practitioners, including reduced depression, increased energy and vitality, increased connection with oneself and others, and mystical experiences comparable in effect to moderate doses of […]

OM and Flow: An Elegant Design

Overview: The practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is an optimized path to developing peak consciousness via flow states. It is the democratization of flow and is readily engaged with minimal pre-conditions or constraints. Flow is the highest state humans have access to. OM is designed to induce a flow state that improves the human condition. […]

Summary of OM Science

(Aug. 2022) Introduction   The impact of orgasmic meditation (OM) practice and its downstream influence on various psychological, physiological, and neurological metrics has been demonstrated in an accumulating wealth of scientific research findings. This report provides a comprehensive synthesis of OM literature to date, highlights comparisons and distinctions with other contemplative practices and research findings, […]

The Erotic Impulse Suppression Syndrome EISS

Historically, social convention has held erotic impulses to be inherently bad, and that acting on them would lead to loss of affection or status or safety. However, suppression of the Erotic Impulse Suppression Syndrome (EISS) is a protection mechanism, which over time also may lead to at least one of the following behavioral/emotional symptoms. “Tumescence,” […]